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Are you a business owner in Ondo State and Environs?

Here’s how you can win up to ₦2 million in grant at The Growth Accelerator & Grant Competition, Ondo State!

We want to connect you to opportunities you never thought existed!

That means YOU can be part of the selected few who’d WIN…

Access to SME friendly Financial Services for 1,000 Businesses (via our Finance Partners)

Business grants & Acceleration program for 10 selected Businesses (via our Finance Partners and Sponsors)

Access to technology and Digitalization facilities, Software, and Business websites for 2,000 Businesses

Access to thorough business learning resources and Business registration assistance for at least 2,000 Businesses.

Exclusive access to External investments to the Top 200 qualified/investment-ready Businesses via Built-out business & Research funding platform

What's The Growth Accelerator Grant Competition?

The Broad Vision

As part of the big dream to drive individual, business, and economic growth, while providing infrastructural support for growing startups across Africa, The Growth Hub founded The Growth Accelerator Grant Competition.

We aim to make the competition a meeting point for Creativity (and Creatives), Technology (and Techies), Businesses (and Founders), and Scientific Innovations (and Researchers).

The Growth Accelerator Grant Competition will equip you (and your business) with intensive digital, financial, and economic resources to build your business into a cash flow and revenue machine. 

Grant Winners Get...

Cash grant: From ₦ 125,000 to ₦2 million for 10 winners
Access to Pitch Investors: For Top 200 Participants
Training & Support: Worth ₦ 2 million naira for Top 2,000 Participants

Other Awardees Win...

Tech Materials from Partners
Souvenirs from mini sponsors

Powered by our Sponsors and Partners!

Ready to accelerate your SME and Tech Startup?

Be a part of The Growth Accelerator Grant Competition and scale your business to the moon!

Meet the Host

Victor Adeoluwa Olatunde

Olatunde, Victor Adeoluwa is the founder of Salesplat, a renowned brand in the tech space that provides sales talents, technologies, and training to organizations to boost their revenue growth.

He founded The Growth Hub, which was self-funded, to provide physical support and opportunities for businesses and talents.

Victor guides businesses on Grants & Opportunities, having won and maximized over $250,000 of such grants. He has also been a Judge on several grant programs, having also designed enterprise training programs.

He facilitates and trains on Sales and Growth at SalesPlat and external platforms like Nest Innovation labs’ SME Foundry while He mentors or coaches tech startups across Accelerator programs such as GetAccelerated by Kickoff Africa.

His passion is to drive growth for businesses, and opportunities for Individuals who are fit for growth acceleration.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is both an Accelerator Program and a Grant Program. The Accelerator will connect all businesses to services like a credible bank that supports SMEs, Access to insurance service, delivery and logistics, other major services and a Global Standard Training that will aid your business expansion. The growth program is for all the 5,000 businesses while the grant is for a selected 10.

Yes, Top 50 businsesses as well as the top 10 shortlisted candidates for the grant will receive personalised business coaching from experienced mentors throughout the program.

Applicants need to demonstrate a viable business plan and show potential for growth and impact to qualify for the grant.

Additionally, applicants will need to fulfil requirements such as Bank registration, business registration, or other factors depending on the program’s specific guidelines.

We will however work with all businsses to get to this point where they are qualified.

It spans for 3 months, during these three months you will get various training programs to prepare you for the grant application.

It will be conducted both physically and virtually. It will be happening physically at The Growth Hub and virtually for those that won’t be able to make it to the hub.

So you don’t have to be in Akure physically to participate.

No you do not need to repay any funds relating to the grant awarded.

No you do not need to provide collateral as a requirement to access the grant.

However for business loans that will be provided, there may be other requirements.

It is opened to every businesss owner even if it is still an idea, though higher preference will be given to existing businesses.

As long as your business is in ondo state you are eligible for the program.

You will be getting Global Standard Training, FREE access to lots of resources, preparation we give them to be finance or investment ready, access to discounted services to grow their business and so much more.

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